About Superior Leathercraft

What you see here began as a desire to create that which I was searching for, yet unable to find in the marketplace.  Given time and a lot of trial and error, working with leather became not only a favorite hobby but a way to connect with the past and create items which are intended to last well into the future.  It also helped me create some of those items I was searching for and it turned out that other people were looking for similar things! 

Several years ago, while escaping into the north woods of Minnesota, the concept of Superior Leathercraft was born and it's been a dream in the making ever since.  2011 marked the official beginning, while Facebook, Etsy, and a lot of word of mouth have brought this whole endeavor to where it is right now.  This is a place where you and I can dialogue about the finer things in life and how to get them made just for you.


Please feel free to contact me with any questions you might have regarding the products pictured here, or those which you would like to see pictured here in the future.  Stop back often, and I'm sure you'll be seeing new offerings showing up on a regular basis.


All the best,

Chad Czarnowski
Superior Leathercraft